The First Veil Of Snow

by Frost Giant

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In late 2005, I was listening to some old band practice tapes of bands I was in during the 1990's. I thoughtn to myself, some of this punk rock sounding stuff would sound great with some harsh vocals and sa more metallized style of guitar playing. I didn't have the capacity to record my ideas, though, and finding band members was impossible. I lived in a small town with small-town bands who didn't want to take risks.

I was in another band at the time, and as 2007 came around I began singing/screaming for them as opposed to playing drums. As I began to discover my voice, I explored the ideas within Frost Giant even more. I met Jonathan Smith, founder of Ominous Glory, and agreed to sing for his nascent power metal band if he agreed to be my shredder for Frost Giant. Jon would eventually purchase a home recording studio, one of those all-in-one deals, and with that, the first demos began to creep out. 'Abandoned' came from those sessions, and there are other very primitive versions of 'Reckoning', 'Blood Eagle', 'Last Stand of the Einherjar', and 'Relic' there too which I might share at a later time.

When Jason Esbensen got his home studio up and running on his Mac, that is when First Veil began to really take shape. All in all I wrote 8 songs which I recorded, and hoped to use them to get a band going. I quit my other band and focused on the Giant exclusively, but we were delayed time and again, and before I knew it, it was 2012 and our EP was coming out before what was supposed to be our debut record.

Two songs from First Veil were included on the EP 'When Myth and History Merged Into Mystery'- they are 'Heathen's Lament' and 'Not While I Draw Breath'. Ryan Blasphemour was looking to rekindle his label (Blasphemour Records) and liked the Adele cover, so I included that with the two aforementioned songs and two new tracks. Thus, this version of First Veil will not have 'Not While I Draw Breath' and 'Heathen's Lament'. But for posterity, the order in which they appear are right after the title track. First Veil, Breath, and Heathen's, then into Last Stand.

The Kansas cover was a spur of the moment goof with Jason wanting to record live drums. This took place during the aborted studio sessions in 2010 when we were recording First Veil with a live drummer. This is the only complete song to have survived that session, as Jason's Mac died shortly thereafter and took all the project files with it.

These recordings are not pretty, they're very basic and rough, but they do show the origins of Frost Giant in a ery endearing sort of way. Several of the songs here are still part of our set when we play live. I figured it's about time I put these out there and let our listeners have them as opposed to wondering when we are going to get around re-recording them and making them perfect. Some of these songs are 11 years old, and I want to have a fresh start going into the future with Frost Giant. I'm happy to be ab;e to finally share these with you all and be at peace with them.

~Matti Frost,
January 2017


released January 11, 2010

Matti Frost- drum programming, rhythm & lead guitar, vocals & lyrics.
Jonathan Smith- guitar solos on Relic and Abandoned.
Dust in the Wind originally written and recorded by Kansas.
Abandoned originally written and performed by Ensiferum.



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Frost Giant Pennsylvania

Inspired by Norse mythology, epic metal, punk rock, and combined with an American hardcore attitude and mead-hall sing-along choruses, Frost Giant drops an icy hammer on everything trendy and weak. Frost Giant's music journeys through stories and lore, bringing to light the tales of old in a modern folk-metal context. ... more

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